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TomTod Ideas Creative Writing Journal for the Time Capsule Project

Imagination is the other side of the same coin when it comes to curiosity because imagination encourages creativity and stimulates innovation! You’ve already proven that with all the wonderful videos and pictures you’ve been sending us at dailyadventures@tomtodides.org.

Today, turn your curiosity and creativity into words with our creative writing journal! Keep up the creative work and go out to exercise your imagination, even more, today as we continue to create our time capsules!

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Why is imagination important when considering the future? 

How is curiosity helpful as you think about your future?



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These kids talking about current events before falling asleep make quarantining cute!

Uploaded to TikTok on March 12, 2020  by @megan.elizabeth.x3  said “My twin boys are three years old, and they usually talk to each other about what happened during the day while I put their younger brother to sleep. The time alone in their room leads to hilarious conversations, games, and stunts. They are becoming known for their midnight musings, and are loved for their little people conversations!”


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Watch + Learn

The Power of Curiosity (Check out:50-1:50 for an intro to the types of curiosity; the whole video is 5:43)  All forms of curiosity, even silly hypotheticals, are important – they can lead to practical ideas or just spark your imagination.

Family Adventure-tivity

Play these fun writing games with your family – Pass it On or Exact Instructions. Here’s how to play Exact Instructions

    • Have your family write directions for a simple task – like making a PB&J sandwich
    • The reader follows the directions exactly (assume nothing, do only what is written)
    • Laugh at the disaster that will ensue and see how many edits it takes to get it right!



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Join The Time Capsule Project

This is a historic time to be alive and fighting viruses. Share your experience of history by joining TomTod’s Time Capsule Project!

Start your creative writing journal

1) Use our Time Capsule Journal to creatively capture your historical experience.

2) Write a rap / a poem / a story / or meme to capture your story of this historic moment.

3) Send your journal to dailyadventures@tomtodideas.org and we will include it in our community time capsule.

Design Challenge

Add more unique stories to your time capsule for future you to read! These creative writing prompts will help you create a new world that only exist in your imagination. 

Explore More

Looking for more inspiration? Check out more ideas and prompts to get you started. Have an idea you’d like to turn into a novel? Consider joining a young writer’s program.


Online Learning Toolkit

In a job where you are constantly giving and pouring into others (on top of managing your life outside of work), it can be easy to let your self-care fall to the bottom of the priority list. So, in an effort to help you reconnect with your inner self, this week we are providing daily tools and opportunities to recharge, refresh, and restore. Enjoy!

Self-care Tool of the Day: Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the practice of bringing your attention to the present and, although it sounds simple, we as a society aren’t super great at it. For example, have you ever checked Facebook with Netflix playing in the background as you were cooking dinner and having a conversation with a family member?! Check out a fun take on mindfulness, the 5 Senses Exercises, or 3 Step Mindfulness to begin or continue your mindfulness journey. 

Lesson Plan Idea: Class time capsule project

Have your students join TomTod’s Community Time Capsule Project! So you can take care of yourself this week, TomTod created a project plan to lessen your load! We created a class time capsule project plan and a 5-day time capsule journal for you to use with your students this week.  

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