Wise Words from Mr. Weckesser

I recently read an article in Fast Company where 12 entrepreneurs shared a lesson they learned from a teacher. While some of the lessons were related to math or physics, many of the lessons extended beyond the pages of a textbook. The article was insightful and I realized the lasting impact of words from wise teachers.

I reflected on my own education, and my high school Health teacher Mr. Weckesser immediately came to mind. Mr. Weckesser (“Mr. Weck” as we affectionately called him) taught me a lot about health. But, his most permeating lessons revolved around living a life of balance and positivity.

Mr. Weck’s favorite term was “homeostasis” simply meaning: life in balance. Homeostasis is a rhythm and lifestyle. School/work is balanced by time with family and friends. Hobbies are thrown in there too and everything functions by taking good care of your body. Instead of being obsessed with one thing, living in homeostasis means prioritizing in order to enjoy each moment. This allows one to be fully present in daily responsibilities.

Homeostasis is important in every stage of life. I applied this lesson in high school, college and now my life as a professional. It helps me focus my attention and do tasks well. Mr. Weck also taught about positivity and viewing the world full of opportunity. Along the way, this means valuing others and encouraging them to pursue homeostasis as well.

The middle school years are a pivotal point of transition and development. The body and mind are working to find balance and make sense of all of the “newness.” Homeostasis may seem impossible at this time, but finding a rhythm of life can help middle schoolers embrace the changes taking place. 

Like Mr. Weck, at TomTod we also believe that students have the ability to be passionately others-centered, noble, and giving. This is a positivity approach where students recognize their capabilities. In the process, they value others and encourage them to impact their community.

Mr. Weck taught me “nuggets” of wisdom that I will forever cherish. We are grateful for the talented educators we work with through Grasp. Go. Grow. and our other programming. If you have the chance, thank an educator, past or present, for the impact they made in your life!

Thank a teacher

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