Why it’s good to flop and begin again

[Post written by TomTod’s Chief Ideation Officer, Abby Shaub].

Failure is exhausting. When an idea goes awry, it is easy to feel defeated and completely abandon the process. Although, it is through failures that impactful ideas can emerge.

Did you know that Thomas Edison failed thousands of times before perfecting the light bulb? Steve Jobs’ Apple I & II computers barely lifted off the ground but now he is remembered as one of the greatest tech geniuses of all time.

I recently read a quote from TED that captured this concept perfectly: “We have to be willing to fail, to be wrong, to start over again with lessons learned.” (Angela Lee Duckworth)

All ideators and imagineers have ideas that don’t work out. Instead of fixating on the failures, we must first admit that the idea was a flop. The pivotal moment occurs when we begin again with fresh eyes because of what we’ve learned.

Challenges can in fact provide great inspiration, as through evaluation new ideas emerge from the rubble.

At TomTod, we believe in gutsy stick-to-itiveness. Throughout the ideation process, ideas may be unfeasible. Rather than being paralyzed by failure, we encourage our students to view failure as an opportunity to launch something new that is wildly successful.

Middle schoolers are overflowing with dreams and by moving forward in spite of challenges, ideas emerge that truly enhance the common good.

Failure quote

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