Who Are You?


Identity describes your qualities, beliefs, and personality; basically, it’s who you are! But, these are not simple questions to answer. Particularly in middle school. How do you define identity?

Today, we’ll explore more of what makes you, YOU! So keep reading and jump into the activities as you feel comfortable. 

Adventure Identity!

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Penguins openly explore aquarium closed due to coronavirus (:56)



Watch + Learn

 Exercising self-compassion is not an easy thing to do! See Why Brené Brown Gives Herself Permission to Be Uncool (1:44) and  6 Ways to Exercise Self-Compassion (:52). For a deeper dive, explore Dr. Kristin Neff’s three elements of self-compassion or these five Tips for Teaching Your Kids Self-Compassion.


Family Adventure-tivity

Watch the award-winning short, “Identity” (5:18).

    • As a family, explore these questions:
      • What do you think the masks represent?
      • What do you think the main character means by, “Today, I discovered the truth?” 
    • Individually journal these questions (share if you’d like):
      • What “masks” do you use to identify yourself? What is your truth?
      • Who is someone you might trust to share your truth with?
      • How would life be different if you removed your mask and shared your truth with someone you trust?
      • Why is it important to have a sense of who you are?
      • How do you define your identity?


Student Design Challenge

Create a sculpture or drawing of who you want to be in 10 years. Sculpt it out of Play-doh, LEGOs, or anything else you can build with. Take a picture or save this sculpture as a reminder to you of what you are aiming for. Need creative ideas: Watch this amazing self-portrait project in the style of a famous artist. 

    • Write down five dreams/goals that you want to achieve.
    • What are the small steps you can take today to get there?


Explore More: Watch “Who Are You? Unleashing Your Core Values.” Jennifer Jones dives into this topic, and it may help you strengthen your answers. (This video’s a bit longer [16:51], but if you’re in a time crunch, you can change the playback speed in the settings). Here is a list of 200 Personal Values if you need some ideas on how to put words to your beliefs.


Play!: Looking for a fun diversion? Play this retro version of The Price Is Right to see if you can assign the right “values” to each item!

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