What’s Your Story?


Whether you know it or not, you have a story to tell!

This week we want to give you the opportunity to practice your storytelling skills. Storytelling is a powerful way for us to understand ourselves, our friends and family, and the world around us! Explore below for videos and prompts to get you started in sharing your story.

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Military mom surprises son at a basketball game (1:54)



Watch + Learn

The power of telling your story (catch a science tidbit from 1:05-1:25 or watch in its entirety 11:47).


Family Adventure-tivity

Together read  Who Is Your Family? from the New York Times, and answer and follow the prompts within the article to create the story of YOUR family. 

  • Why is the story of your family important?
  • How do you define family?


Student Design Challenge

Tell us about a hard-won victory — in sports, school, your personal life, or anywhere else. What did you achieve? What did you do to prepare? What did your success mean to you at the time — and what does it mean to you now? What advice you do have for people who want to follow in your footsteps, but who are just starting to work toward that goal? 

Write, draw, or build your story then send it to us to be featured on social media on Instagram or a dailyadventures@tomtodideas.org.

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