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 Middle schoolers want to do things that matter. What If 101 is the class that teaches students to create ideas that matter and make a difference.

What If 101 is all about empowering middle schoolers to create ideas that empathy and imagination into action for the common good of their community. 


What If 101 is Tomtod’s school-based collaborative program that walks students through the ideation process. It connects students – and their curricula – to the real world with speakers, virtual field trips, and problem-based learning.

What If 101 is an ideal starting point for students with dreams and creativity to learn about their community and gain new skills in class.  In other words, we help middle schoolers to develop NEW IDEAS based on the community issues that matter to them. Our curriculum was created to promote social and emotional skills and 21st-century learning skills alongside of learning already happening in schools with our resources and connections.

In What If 101, students will adventure into various projects to explore their community, engage with real-life problems, and express their ideas through innovative projects. Think of it like a Choose Your Own Adventure Class. During What If 101 projects, students will get to choose how they express their learning and create their ideas through the 4 different Creative Roles  –

  1. Change Maker – someone who coordinates community action to improve their community 
  2. Story Teller – someone that utilizes incredible words to tells the story of their community
  3. Creative Designer – someone who creates an artistic eye to make their community more beautiful
  4. Invention Builder – someone who uses their remarkable imagination to bring innovative ideas to their community

Students in What If 101 grapple with the importance of new ideas and thinking critically. They gain confidence in how they communicate, understand how to research and explore new ideas, and think deeply about how our actions influence each other and how we can all work together for the common good.

What If 101 Quests

What If 101 students will learn design thinking skills by completing a series of design quests. During the design process, students develop social-emotional skills through developing empathy, collaboration, communication, and critical thinking skills. What If 101 current Quests are:

Story Build Quest

Students explore self-awareness, social-awareness, and critical thinking as they explore their communities and tell the story of themselves, their neighbors, and city through creative challenges.

Empathy Build Quest

Student develop empathy by creating projects for different types of people in the community. The student will learn interview skills and design thinking skills as they develop projects that can help others.

Tommorrow’s Ideas Today Quest

Student will follow their passions to create projects that increase the common good for their community. Through small group collaboration, students will develop ideas that matter to them thier communities.




After exploring their community and learning the steps of design thinking, students develop new ideas to serve the common good based on all they’ve experienced.


What If 101 Online

What If 101 has been redesigned to meet the needs to students and schools during online or hybrid learning.




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