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We talked last week about the difference between “social distancing” and “physical distancing.”  What makes that difference is HOW we communicate!

It’s come to my attention (Zane) that communication is something that I have personally taken for granted and during this time of being at home, it has made me think more about what I will remember about how it felt to go through this historic time.

That’s why all week we’ll be working together to create time capsules, an exciting opportunity to influence how tomorrow will think about today!

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Why should we remember how we feel during difficult times?

How can we help others to be okay with their own emotions and who they are?



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This viral poem describes living during this time of COVID-19.

An excerpt from the poem reads: ‘And when the danger passed, and the people joined together again,  they grieved their losses, and made new choices, and dreamed new images,  and created new ways to live  and heal the Earth fully, as they had been healed.’


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Watch + Learn

Check out The Power of Personal Story (6:10) to discover why we believe that remembering our own past is so important.

Family Adventure-tivity

This week, we are inviting middle schoolers to make a time capsule to document their experience of living through the Coronavirus. We welcome you to join us by creating your own family time capsule. You can send elements to us and/or bury/hide your own!

It can be difficult for middle schoolers to label their emotions during difficult times. The CDC offers these tips to talk to children about the Coronavirus and this historian suggests to Write It Down’ to keep a record of your experience. As part of our time capsule project, start sharing and writing down daily life as a family.

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Get your family creatively writing!  Write a novel in 30 days as a family with #StayHomeWriMo and NaNoWriMo YWP: Middle School (6-8) Curriculum (updated 2019)



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Design Challenge

This is a historic time to be alive! The entire world is working together to fight a global pandemic. Share your experience of history by joining TomTod’s time capsule project!  

  1. Create a time capsule or send us your artifacts for a community time capsule 
  2. Use our Time Capsule Journal to creatively capture your historical experience
  3. Bury your historic artifacts (or stick it in a closet) 

Send your journal to dailyadventures@tomtodideas.org to be included in our community time capsule!  

Explore More

Check out the most amazing time capsules in the world (14:03) Even More To Do: Here are some ideas to try if you’re finding yourself bored at home.


Online Learning Toolkit

In a job where you are constantly giving and pouring into others (on top of managing your life outside of work), it can be easy to let your self-care fall to the bottom of the priority list. In an effort to help you reconnect with your inner-self, this week we will provide daily tools and opportunities to recharge, refresh, and restore. Enjoy!

Self-care Tool of the Day: Reconnecting with your joy

Ever been asked what you do for fun and you stumble over the response? Now is the perfect time to find the fun again by reflecting on what brings you joy! 

You might know what brings you joy or maybe you need some ideas. It could look like reading for pleasure, spending time in nature, being creative, taking a relaxing Epsom salt bath, or even embracing your inner Julia Child and whipping up a new recipe! Whatever feeds your soul, brings a smile to your face, or gives you a boost of energy, proactively dedicate the time to do it! Your future self will thank you, no matter how much or little time you spend on your activity.

Lesson Plan Idea: Class time capsule project

Have your students join TomTod’s Community Time Capsule Project!  We have created a class time capsule project plan and a 5-day time capsule journal for you to use with your students this week!TomTod’s Community Time Capsule Project is designed around Ohio’s social and emotional learning (SEL), history, and writing standards. 

By inviting your students to create time capsule artifacts, you can help them understand the historic nature of the COVID-19 pandemic and create space for them to share their experiences, thoughts, and emotions in a safe environment. 

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