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Design thinking is solving a problem using empathy and creativity. This method is used by designers all over the world to help them solve complex problems and create solutions that meet people’s needs, but it can also be used by middle schoolers too!

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Hank the mini pig living his best life! (1:54)


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Watch + Learn

Learn design thinking in 90 seconds. The first step to design thinking is to think with empathy. (2:29)


Family Adventure-tivity

How can you make empathy fun? Explore empathy mapping as a family and then follow these directions to try it out together! The key to empathy mapping is to imagine what someone else sees, does, thinks and feels during a situation. Get creative and challenge your family to empathy map for non-living objects like a tooth! Then listen to the podcast Everything is Alive where they interview non-living objects like Paul – The tooth!” 


Student Design Challenge

Challenge Question: How can I make an entertaining activity for my whole family? Use design thinking to answer the challenge question! 

    • Empathize: Ask your family what they like to do for fun (music, games, puzzles–just to name a few).
    • Define the problem: What do you have to build with? Who are you building for? How much space do you have to build?
    • Ideate: 1). Come up with lots of ideas 2). Add to, combine, and eliminate ideas 3). Narrow them down, and select 1 idea.
    • Prototype: Draw, sculpt, or make a design of your idea.
    • Test/Launch: Test, make adjustments, and create your final idea


Design Challenge Idea to Try: Create your own mini-golf course! Use these Mini golf course instructions and  Mini golf course inspirations

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