Middle schoolers matter!

Middle schoolers! Some people may tell you that you’re too young to make a difference or that you will be a leader in the future. We believe you can make an impact right now! You are important. Your ideas to help others matter. At TomTod, we want to walk beside you while your dreams become reality. Maybe you have an awesome idea that would make a difference in the lives of your peers, community members or people around the world. What If You Could is a program where an adult mentor and peer team would help you launch your idea.

If you want to do something but don’t know what yet, that’s okay! Camp What If is not only a place to create but also a place to learn. Imagine a gigantic scavenger hunt all over the city where you’ll explore Canton, Ohio in ways you’ve never had the opportunity to before. Imagine meeting with some of the adults who make the big decisions about how the city works. You chose the questions, you choose the direction of the conversations.

We also have programs in middle schools in the area. Right now, we have a program called What If 101 at the Early College Academy (ECA), Lehman Middle School and North Canton Middle School. We also work with a What If You Could student from North Canton Middle School. In May 2013 we worked with students from Oakwood Middle School for the Water Walk. Keep an eye out…we may be in your school next!