Story like PB&J


Storytelling and empathy are like peanut butter and jelly. Storytelling is a great way to understand another person’s viewpoint or experience but to truly get the full effect of the situation, one must use the superpower of empathy.

So, it may be helpful to look at storytelling and empathy as any other great duo–peanut butter and jelly, Batman and Robin, spaghetti and meatballs, or whatever your favorite duo may be. Learn from others and explore your own empathy story in today’s activities.

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Voice actor can mimic any animal (7:38)



Watch + Learn

Empathy through storytelling (the power of empathy 6:04-6:32; entire video 9:10).


Family Adventure-tivity

Read How Stories Change the Brain. The article discusses a “hero’s journey” which is a story that serves as the “foundation for more than half of the movies that come out of Hollywood, and countless books of fiction and nonfiction.”  Explore The Hero’s Journey (1:54). What movies or books that follow this structure are a family favorite? Choose the top 3, break out the snacks, and have a family movie night! 

      • Why do we enjoy the hero’s journey?
      • How do stories impact your life?


Student Design Challenge

Think of and journal about a time when someone showed YOU empathy. What was happening in your life? How were you feeling? What did they do to show empathy, and what was the end result? Did that event change how you relate to others? 

Explore More: Students tell the stories of others. (4:09)

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