Manners and compassion are helpful traits, but they don’t magically appear overnight. They take practice, patience, and positive reinforcement – even for adults! Finding challenges that allow ourselves to work through frustrations is how we learn, whether it’s just continuing to work hard on a project or learning how to do something new.


At TomTod, we call this gutsy stick-to-it-iveness! What can you do to build that keep-at-it attitude in yourself today? Can you apply this attitude to solving difficult problems? We have some ideas that you can try along with us.

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Baby laughs and laughs at ripping paper (1:43)


Watch + Learn

There are many ways to help build character in your middle schooler. One way is to check- in with yourself and appraise your character strengths. Take the VIA Character Strength survey for free!


Family Adventure-tivity

Work together and create an amazing meal! Add the ingredients you have in the fridge or pantry here and see what recipes pop up, or whip up (or create) your family’s own secret recipe. Whatever you decide to create, do it together! Check out developmentally appropriate cooking tasks at

Looking for new mealtime conversation starters? Use the following questions as prompts and let the chatting begin! Don’t talk with your mouth full! 

  • What is your most valued social and/or family connection?
  • How does connection improve and complicate your life?


Student Design Challenge

Check out 10 great inventions from students your age. Now come up with your own invention. Accept the Invent the Future Challenge from This year’s challenge question is “What will you make to protect life on this planet?” Here are three easy steps from kid-museum to start your invention:



    • Prototype: Do you have paper? Tape? Then you can make a prototype! Using maker skills and household items, build a simple model of your design — and see it come to life!

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