Want to ride a sloth?


You can do whatever you want when you write your own story! Even a story about riding a sloth to work?

Did you know different areas of the brain are activated through descriptive and creative storytelling? Engage your brain and use your imagination to tell a unique and creative story either by yourself or as a family with today’s activities

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When a sloth chases you! (1:40)



Watch + Learn

Our brains are impacted by storytelling. Watch Hardwired For Story. (3:10-4:16 for the relationship between storytelling and the brain; entire video 10:19)


Family Adventure-tivity

Write a story together by playing Pass the Story. Work together as each person adds their own details to the story! Take a family selfie and send it to us to be featured on social media or in a future Daily Adventure!

    • Why is storytelling important? 
    • How does creativity help create stories?


Student Design Challenge

Tap into your inner creativity, and let your ideas flow!

  • Write a funny story about a self-conscious astronaut who rides a sloth to work or a stubborn carnival clown who has to save the world or check out other ideas with these writing prompts.


  • Draw, paint, or sculpt a character or scene that goes with your story. 

Explore More: Find more storytelling writing prompts and send us your story! You might be featured on social media or in a future Daily Adventure!

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