Return on Investment: Morgan Moves from Ideator to Mentor

At the end of the year, we reflect on how we create impact and empower middle schoolers. Morgan’s not a middle schooler anymore but she was when TomTod began…

When TomTod Ideas was just getting started, Morgan was one of the very first students to participate in our What If You Could mentorship adventure. As a Canton City Schools middle schooler, she saw the challenges of bullying and, through her U³ project (Stand Up, Speak Up, Don’t Give Up), she created a peer-to-peer anti-bullying curriculum that she piloted in partnership with Lehman Middle School.

Morgan’s connections with TomTod didn’t stop there, though. This past spring she joined us for our annual fundraiser, the Feast of Ideas, and shared why her What If You Could experience continues to inspire and drive her.

“I was surprised that someone cared,” Morgan shared “(and) that self worth makes you want to go out and change things!”

Watch Morgan’s 2 minute reflection on why she values TomTod’s work with students:

This past summer, Morgan, now a University of Akron student, teamed up with TomTod again, this time as a camp counselor for Camp What If. Through 3 different camps in June and July, Morgan passed on that care that she experienced to a new generation of middle schoolers.

TomTod Ideas loves seeing middle schoolers move from idea to action and we connect middle schoolers with mentors and tools to do just that, but as Morgan says, “one person can’t do it all, you need a group of people to do it together.” That’s where you come in!

Would you join us in working with middle schoolers (and the adults they become) to engage their communities and take action? By giving today, you’ll be supporting programming like Camp What If and What If You Could that empowers middle schoolers to put their ideas in motion.

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