Question Quest


Become a questionologist and ask, “What if?”

What do the Polaroid camera, Space exploration, and Netflix all have in common?

Whether it’s the invention of the Polaroid camera, Space exploration, or the beginning of start-ups like Facebook, Netflix, and Airbnb… Asking questions helps spark innovative ideas which everyone is hungry for!

Here at TomTod, everything we do starts with a simple question: “What if?” Spark your own curiosity by exploring the adventures below and dare to ask, “What if?”

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Hamster race- who is faster? (1:46)


Watch + Learn

The Power of Curiosity (Check out :50-1:50 for an intro to the types of curiosity; the whole video is 5:43)  All forms of curiosity, even silly hypotheticals, are important – they can lead to practical ideas or just spark your imagination.


Family Adventure-tivity

Burn up some energy by inventing a new sport. Create the rules, the scoring, even the uniform/logo of your new activity. One of our favorite made-up games is Calvinball

  • Why is curiosity important? 
  • How can you use your creativity to spark your curiosity?


Student Design Challenge

Design your very own Rube Goldberg Machine! If you can make one longer than Zane’s, we could feature you in a future email!

Explore More: See the Rube Goldberg Machines made by middle schoolers. Which is your favorite?

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