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Storytelling is one of our most basic and effective forms of communication. What child doesn’t remember a magical story told to them by a parent or loved one? What adult isn’t captivated by an evocative movie or even a coworker’s rendition of their weekend hijinks?

Storytelling is one of our most basic and effective forms of communication. Researchers at the Yale Child Study Center have even found that storytelling is a key component of our own neurological development and a skill that will ultimately help create a well-adjusted and resilient youth. One of the major reasons we tell stories is that it gives us all a way to connect to one another.

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Watch + Learn

What Can Storytelling Teach Us About Creating Connection? Can storytelling help us be open and empathetic? Can it be an avenue to rapport? If so, how? Doug Lipman, the author of “The Storytelling Coach,” reveals three connection-building strategies hidden in storytelling—and simple ways to unlock each of them.


Family Adventure-tivity

Yesterday you talked about your family story, now we want you to represent it in art. Get a puzzle (one laying around the house, from the dollar store, wherever you can find one!) and alter each piece to show all the various parts of your family. Put your puzzle together and talk about what each piece represents to the person that made it by asking these questions:

    • Why did you choose to make your piece(s) the way you did?
    • How does each piece represent a part of you? How does this puzzle represent our family?


Student Design Challenge

During this time, it can be difficult to find the silver lining. That’s why we want you to tell us about some recent moments of happiness you’ve experienced! Share your moments with us to be featured on social media or in a future Daily Adventure!

    • What do you think made them so satisfying? 
    • How can focusing on gratitude help us see this time at home in a positive light?


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