Make Marvelous Mistakes


Manners and compassion are helpful traits, but they don’t magically appear overnight. They take practice, patience, and positive reinforcement – even for adults!

Finding challenges that allow ourselves to work through frustrations is how we learn, whether it’s just continuing to work hard on a project or learning how to do something new.

At TomTod, we call this gutsy stick-to-it-iveness! What can you do to build that keep-at-it attitude in yourself today? We have some ideas that you can try along with us.

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How can working through frustrations on a project impact your attitude? 

Why do manners and compassion matter today?



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Glued to the news? Get a dose of Some Good News in your information diet!

John Krasinski (better known as Jim from the Office) has started bringing us some good news on his new Youtube channel Some Good News.


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Watch + Learn

Why it’s important to know how to tell your story. (8:34) Josh Campbell is a professional storyteller. He is also the Middle School Director at the Maria Montessori School in Memphis. He believes everyone has a story to tell. Getting our students to tell their story helps them set goals and reflect on their choices. 

Family Adventure-tivity

We all know the importance of reading to our kids, but what if you actually created your own story as a family? Here are 20 more suggestions from the Character Education Network that we thought was a great place to keep the conversation of character going.



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Design Challenge

Design the best paper airplane you can! This will take several flight attempts, different folding designs, even some research. Share your favorite designs with us by tagging us in photos or videos of the flight! Share a flight with us and we’ll toss you (via the mail) a TomTod sticker!

Explore More

Do your airplanes fall more than fly.  Crush your siblings with these tips: Fold ‘N Fly, 5 Easy Paper Airplanes (19:58)


Online Learning Toolkit

As our students are navigating change, adjusting to online learning, and supporting their families during this public health crisis, our students’ Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) skills are being tested every day. This week, we will bring you resources on teaching the 5 Core Competencies of SEL. Missed our last Daily Adventure? Find all of our SEL resources at 

Today, we adventure into helping students build character and make responsible decisions.

CASEL’s definition of responsible decision making is well-written, well-thought-out, and, well, really long. When I asked a 7th grader what she thought this definition meant, she nailed the summary by defining it as “Being safe, being nice, and thinking before you do something!” 

As educators, we are always modeling and teaching responsible decision making, but our students sometimes still struggle because they lack the social and emotional skills to make a good decision. Today, we adventure in the specific skills and activities that can foster responsible decision making.

Introduce Responsible Decision Making

Engage your students in real-world conversations about decisions they are making every day. Start a discussion with Common Sense Media’s Teen Voice videos about digital footprints and online interactions. Or have students read about making good decisions even when angry and share their cool-down strategies. 

Build Responsible Decision Making

Try these 3 activities for easy ways to add responsible decision making into your online classroom or go deep on Restorative Justice practices and decision making.  

Lesson Plan Idea: A research project on how our community can make the responsible decision of helping each other. 

    • Start with a BIG research question like “How will the Corona Virus Crisis affect people’s income and stability?” 
    • Provide them with curated resources about the BIG question. 
    • Help students build empathy by playing an interactive game about money struggles. 
    • Assign students to journal about their findings, feelings, and ideas to help people in our community. 

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