Introducing: Artsplorations!

One of our core volunteers, Bryce Schmidt, laid some great groundwork a couple weeks back on why we love improv theater. As a follow up, take a glance at this intriguing article from KQED’s Mind Shift blog, providing another great perspective on the value of improv theatre in education:

“Improv enthusiasts rave about its educational value. Not only does it hone communication and public speaking skills, it also stimulates fast thinking and engagement with ideas. On a deeper level, improv chips away at mental barriers that block creative thinking — that internal editor who crosses out every word before it appears on a page — and rewards spontaneous, intuitive responses, Criess says. Because improv depends on the group providing categorical support for every answer, participants also grow in confidence and feel more connected to others.”

These concepts are exactly why we’re launching our latest initiative: Artsplorations! An Artsploration explores the world of creative problem solving, critical thinking skills, brainstorming and ideation through the lens of a practiced art. We have recruited some of the most talented practitioners in the region to lead middle schoolers through three-hour, interactive adventures that put theory into motion and stamp it into memory. We have four in our initial pilot: improv theater with Tim Carmany, visual arts with Amy Eibel, dance/movement with Kimberly Payne and storytelling with Andrew Rudd. (We have pre-registration available on our website, as all of these are spots-limited opportunities.)

The activities explored through these workshops aren’t just about making up ideas willy-nilly, though. They’re about equipping students with tools that lead to innovation and invention, as referenced by KQED:

“But does “yes, and” diminish one’s ability to think critically? Are there limits to all the right answers? “Improv says yes to the idea of ideas,” Criess says. Not every original thought will turn into the next invention, but offshoots of that first idea may lead to better ones, she explains. “Let’s agree to have ideas,” she says. “And set up a culture where risks are encouraged, and greeted positively and with respect.””

That’s the kind of culture we love to see in play at TomTod! Looking forward to a great year of exploring the arts and new ideas!

For more information or to pre-register for an upcoming Artsploration, go here!

(Artsplorations are funded in part from a grant by Arts in Stark.)


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