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You are ready to generate ideas as you reach the third stage of design thinking: Ideation! How many ideas can you think of in a given moment of time?

The knowledge you’ve gained from the first two phases – Empathize and Define the Problem – means you can begin to “think outside of the box” and look for different ways to view the problem and identify innovative solutions. How many ideas can you think of in a given moment of time? Put your ideation skills to the test with the challenges below and create an idea explosion!

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Shooting stars caught on camera in Australia (:33)


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Watch + Learn

 Check out the next stage of design thinking: Ideation (1:54)


Family Adventure-tivity

Make ideation fun and create as many ideas as possible using the prompts below. Be sure to have plenty of post-its and pens available. Do this together or independently, and see who comes up with similar ideas:

    • 94 uses for toothpicks 
    • Name as many oxymorons as possible (example: jumbo shrimp)
    • Odd food combinations (i.e.: peanut butter and salami)    
    • Explore a real challenge you face as a family, like how to divvy up the chores, dinner ideas, or family vacation spots. The possibilities are endless!


Student Design Challenge

Challenge Question: How might I… build a better lunch box?

    • Empathize: Ask your family what they like and dislike about the lunchbox they use right now or have used in the past. 
    • Define the problem: What do you have to build with? Who are you building for? How much space do you have to build?
    • Ideate: 1.) Come up with lots of ideas 2.) Add to, combine, and eliminate ideas 3.) Narrow and select one idea.
    • Prototype: Draw, sculpt, or make a design of your idea.
    • Test/Launch: Test your idea, make adjustments, and create your final product.


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