Welcome to Camp What If @Home – a fun-filled adventure of exploring your city and making it the best place it can be as you unleash your inner hero!


Becoming a hero starts with a journey of exploration. Each day, you will meet inspiring real-world heroes, investigate your new ideas, and explore ways you can be a hero for your community. Get ready to explore, discover, and immerse in daily explorations of your world.


Hero’s challenge their powers. Everyday we will challenge your imagination and innovation skills with Hero Challenges. To level-up your hero powers and earn hero badges, you will need to imagine, explore, create, and build as you conquer each daily challenge and solve real-world problems.


Your ideas can change the world. Unleash your super-powered ideas into your community. At Camp What If @Home, we will create ideas that put your empathy and imagination into action! You have the power to change the world! During Camp What If you will use your super-powers to become a hero to your community.


Camp What If @ Home is from 11:30-1:00 Monday thru Friday staring July 6 – July 24.

Check out today’s Adventure plan below and then  join the video call to join camp!





Amy’s Group   |   Morgan’s Group   |   Ryan’s Group  |   Zane’s Group


Follow-along with today’s adventure. Here you will find all the links and games for the day! 

Camp What If @Home-Day 14





Time travel into past day’s adventure plans to revisit hero challenges and past adventures. 

Camp What If @Home-Day 13

Camp What If @Home-Day 12

Camp What If @Home -Day 11

Camp What If @Home -Day 10

Camp What If @Home -Day 9


Camp What If @Home -Day 8

Camp What If @Home – Day 7

Camp What If @Home – Day 6

Camp What If @Home – Day 5

Camp What If @Home – Day 4

Camp What If @Home – Day 3

Camp What If @Home – Day 2

Camp What If @Home – Day 1





Camp What If is free to Canton City School students thanks to the generous support of the City of Canton!



What will happen over the 3 weeks?

During week 1, you will get to you know your camp guides and fellow campers as you discover your superpowers explore the world through meeting real community heroes, online tours, and fun hero challenges from the Hero ToolKit that was delivered to your house.

During week 2, you will lead our exploration by interviewing more community heroes and share your ideas for making your city better! Plus, you can start earn Hero badges and prizes by completing your daily Hero Challenges!

During week 3, we launch you ideas into reality. You will work in a small groups to research, plan, and present your idea to the community hero’s we have met along the way. Then we celebrate your journey and party!

What will each day be like?

Each day, you will join us for 1.5 hours of camp activities that happen live using our video chat software – called StartSole. During our video chat your whole camp play fun games and meet real community heroes and then you will conquer creative challenges in small groups with your camp guide! After our live video call, the camp fun continues with daily Hero Challenges! These hands-on activities can be done offline and you can earn camp prizes for yourself and your entire camp by completing each challenge!

Is this like online school?

Camp What If is NOT online school! We know online learning was tough this year. Camp What If is not an online class… It is a online/offline adventure that take you outside your home using online tools and delivers fun directly to your house everyday!

What online programs will we use?

Camp starts each day at TomTod’s website – Camp What if uses Google Suite like Google docs and slides. We also use an online video chat tool called StartSole to meet with campers live everyday.

Do I need extra supplies?

No! – All the supplies you need for your Hero Challenges and camp games will be delivered to your house. Each camper will need internet  and a device to access the internet. If you need help with technology, please email as at


Learn about TomTod’s awesome Camp What If staff. Together, you will be exploring the world, playing hilarious games, and launching your ideas into reality!

Amy Harrison joins TomTod Ideas as an Adventure Curator.  She is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor and Certified Health Coach. She brings experience with adolescents through the delivery of mental health services, basketball and health coaching, and substitute teaching. She enjoys helping others find purpose through exploration of goals, identification of strengths, use of self-compassion, and promoting creativity. She believes everyone has something to contribute to the community…we just have to listen!



Patrick Gerber is part of the Adventure Curator team at TomTod.  Patrick graduated from Malone University in 2015 with his degree in Organizational Management, and he has studied Child Development at Portland State and Mount Union. Patrick’s diverse experience has been centered around journeying with children through trauma and helping them flourish emotionally, academically, and personally… but… Patrick still hopes to grow up to be a professional soccer player and win the World Cup.



Zane Sanders is part of the Adventure Curator team at TomTod.  He graduated from Malone University in 2010 with a degree in Liberal Arts, and with over 15 years of working with youth and young adults in camps, churches, and college settings, Zane is exhilarated to bring what he knows to the TomTod team and grow alongside middle schoolers.




Morgan is a psychology and education student at Walsh University. She was born and raised in
Ohio’s capital city, Columbus! This will be Morgan’s second summer as camp counselor for Camp What It. Morgan is looking forward to working and laughing with middle school students and hearing the amazing ideas they come up with to better their communities! I am also excited to try out TomTod’s new virtual camp! experience!



Ryan Cartwright is a School/Community Liaison at Oakwood Middle School. “At my full time job, I made a connection with Pat Gerber. Ryan lives in Canton, Ohio and attended and attended Malone University. Ryan loves working with middle schoolers because “they are so incredibly gifted! The potential they possess to change the world RIGHT NOW, is right at their fingertips. Once they become passionate about an issue, they will work endlessly to make sure it’s solved! THEY’RE AWESOME!”



This is Stephen’s second time working with TomTod – the first was the summer of 2018. Stephen is from Green, Ohio and attends Mount Union University. Stephen loves working with middle schooler because they create ideas that inspires him! Stephen is creative, passionate, and caring advocate for middle schoolers!




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