Be The Hero of Your Story!


You are the Hero of Your Story! May you be inspired to confront and overcome troubles as you continue writing your own story.

Stories the world over are almost always about people with problems,” writes Jonathan Gottschall. They display “a deep pattern of heroes confronting trouble and struggling to overcome.” Stories are uniquely able to move people’s hearts, minds, feelings, and can also motivate people towards a goal. We hope that this exploration of storytelling has inspired you to confront and overcome your own troubles as the hero, as you continue to write your own story. We can’t wait to see what you do next!

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Dutch student Esmée Kramer created a life-like dinosaur costume from PVC pipe and foam. She built it in her spare time between work and her Network & Systems Engineering (“Robots, networks and programming and stuff”) studies. (2:36)



Watch + Learn

What can you learn from a  one-word storyteller? (8:05)


Family Adventure-tivity

Make Story Stones! Story stones are smooth rocks that you can find in your yard or purchase at a craft store. You can use stickers, paints, or magazine cut-outs to decorate your story stones. Depending on what is printed on the stone, you can use it in many ways like characters in a dollhouse or as building blocks. Similar to a storytelling prompt jar, you can randomly pick up a story stone or multiple story stones to tell a story. You could also have your inspiring young story writers try writing activities with Imagine Forest. Share your story stones with us to be featured on social media or in a future Daily Adventure!

    • Why do we tell stories?
    • How can a simple story change the way we feel and connect?


Student Design Challenge

It’s an unprecedented time where we are being asked to say no to things in order to make tomorrow a healthier time. Tell us about other instances when being told “no” made you, someone you know personally, or someone you admire work hard to achieve something. Even if you have never experienced this, what personality traits do you think help someone transform a negative experience into a powerful motivator? 

Explore More: Watch this student talk about the 6th-grade experience that made him encouraged him to do something when bored. (9:57)

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