After all the Netflix…


Are you on track to have binge watched all your favorite shows by the end of the week? Running out of dances to master on TikTok?

Unexpected, endless free time sounds swell at first, but what happens if boredom starts to show up? Then it’s time to get creative! Each week, we’re going to explore creativity from a variety of angles to help us keep fun, engaging ideas flowing for all of our time at home!

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Watch these penguins get their waddle on!

Penguins openly explore aquarium closed due to coronavirus (:56)


Watch + Learn

How Boredom Can Lead to Your Most Brilliant ideas (watch from 2:20-3:35 for a fun fact about our brains and boredom; whole video is 16:05)

Family Adventure-tivity

Bust out your aprons and get ready to throw down in the kitchen during a Family Cook-Off! Share your kitchen creations with us on Facebook, Instagram, or at


Design Challenge

If you’ve monopolized Monopoly and aren’t sorry for always winning Sorry, try designing a board game or a sport using only household items. Let the games begin!

Explore More

Make your own board game video (6:55)


Online Learning Toolkit

Tool of the Week: Self Organized Learning Environments (SOLE) Bring creativity to your online classroom with a little SOLE! A SOLE is easy to plan, educationally rigorous, and works with every subject. This is a powerful and simple way to add project based learning to your online classroom. Empower your students to learn, collaborate, and think critically. Caretakers: SOLEs are also great for self guided learning at home!  

BIG Question of the Day: Why are video games so addictive? How could you apply these same ideas to online school to make it more enjoyable?

Here’s how to setup a SOLE:  TomTod’s guide to online SOLE

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