Explore through the Dreamoratory: Lucy’s Story (Part 2)

[Lucy Burick, an 8th grader at North Canton Middle School, participated in the Canton Dreamoratory last summer. We asked Lucy a few questions about her experience. We are thrilled that she is joining us again this summer! Read Part 1 of her story here.]

TomTod: Explain your group’s final idea/presentation.

Lucy: My group’s final idea/presentation was to create a community garden. There would be herbs, vegetables, fruits, and flowers. I do not remeber if we pin-pointed a desirable location, but I do remember taking a trip to a church and looking at a very grassy area.

TT: How did receiving feedback from community members at the Community Ideation Celebration help you?

Lucy: Receiving feedback helped me understand how we could accomplish our idea and what things we would need to think over more clearly.

TT: Describe a field trip you took during the week and what you learned.

Lucy: A field trip I took during the week was going to Goodwill. I learned that there were many organizations in the Goodwill. I do not remember the name of this organization, but people could come into the building and get free food. Also, people could come in and talk someone if they needed to.

TT: If you could describe the week in one word what would it be?

Lucy: If I could describe the week in one word it would be extraordinary.

If you know a middle schooler in Stark County, encourage them to register for the Canton Dreamoratory, July 12-18, 2015!

Lucy (Left) and Alejandra went out in the community to research community gardens.


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