[Lucy Burick, an 8th grader at North Canton Middle School, participated in the Canton Dreamoratory last summer. We asked Lucy a few questions about her experience. We are thrilled that she is joining us again this summer!]

TomTod: The Dreamoratory is awesome because…

Lucy: The Dreamoratory is awesome because you can learn so many new and interesting things. Another reason it is awesome is because there is no limit to where you can use your imagination. The Dreamoratory also lets you explore the world around you.

TT: What did you learn about Canton throughout the week?

Lucy: There was a lot that I learned about Canton throughout the week. First, is that on Cherry Ave there used to be an abundance of shops, it was a very small community. I also learned about what the Lighthouse organization and how they help kids over the summer and after school. Plus, I learned that there are community gardens in Canton!

TT: What was your highlight from the week?

Lucy: My highlight from the week was going to the Onesto Hotel. It was amazing to see what Steve Coon had done. The architecture inside the hotel was phenomenal. Though going into the elevators was a little scary, it made the trip up to the top floor worth it. There was a beautiful view of Canton.

Read Part 2 of Lucy’s Story on this blog next Tuesday! 


Dreaming up new ideas! (Lucy on right).


  • By Mike Burick 10 Mar 2015

    was born at mercy hospital across from St Petes church have lots of fond memories of all the things in downtown all the stores that my parents let me go Christmas shopping good times. Hope you have lots of fun

  • By mary lee 10 Mar 2015

    Your great grandma & great grandpa lived on 16th steet .
    I to was born at mercy hospital it was on 6 the street. It was fun going down town. There was a woolwroth store downtown was lots of fun going to it. Lots of penny candy to get.

  • By Regina Burick Byars 10 Mar 2015

    The downtown stores were all decorated with Christmas decoration which gave us a feeling of Christmas. Kobachers had the best displays of all the stores, and Woolworths had the best lunch contest. There were two theathers in downtown Canton one was the Lowe’s and the Palace Theater and only one standing is the Palace Theater.. I worked at Canton National Bank as a teenager. Went to St John’s Catholic school and Central Catholic High School, marched in the first football Hall of Fame Parade and remember the stockades in downton Canton And it seemed like everyone participated I remember the railroad station in downtown and the trains .

  • By Regina Burick Byars 10 Mar 2015

    Sorry in the post it was meant to say counters at Woolworths instead of contest.

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