Engage your what if drive


Here at TomTod everything we do starts with a simple question: What if?. Our days are saturated with curiosity as we ask this question to middle school students, community leaders, and everyone in between. (BTW, we think there’s a lot of overlap between those two groups!)

So, let us ask you: How can you usurp your go-to boredom busters for today and follow your curiosity? How can you use this unusual break to make today the best day ever?

What if you  ____________________? (Fill in the blank and share your ideas with us!)

Share your Design Challenge creations with us on Facebook and Instagram or email us at dailyadventures@tomtodideas.org. We can’t wait to see what you create!

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Why is curiosity a good starting place for solving problems?

How can you turn your curiosity into a new idea?


Curious to hear music like you have never heard before?

This innovative instrument makes magical sounds (4:32)


Watch + Learn

What if” questions can lead to amazing things. This Italian man asked “What if… I created a hand-made amusement park” (2:06)…and it is amazing! Want more curious videos from around the world? Dive into the Great Big Story.

Family Adventure-tivity

Use your phone to throw and catch paper airplanes from people around the world. Like this? Explore more free experiments by Google designers.


Design Challenge

What if… you turned trash into treasure? Try it out! Take things in your house that are getting recycled or thrown out and create something else out of it!

Explore More

Need some inspiration to get started? Check out a few ideas in this video. Trash into Treasure (39:54) Follow your curiosity or get inspired with this list of incredible DIY ideas.


Watch & Learn

On March 18, 2016, 1,000 high school students from Cleveland and northeast Ohio were invited to SOLE around the issues of community engagement and safety in the 21st Century. This is a great example of giving students voice and choice to create ideas that help their own community. Use StartSOLE’s online tools to plan a SOLE with your students.

Online Learning Toolkit

Tool of the Week: Self Organized Learning Environments (SOLE) A SOLE is straight forward, educationally rigorous, and works with every subject. This is a powerful and simple way to add project-based learning to your online classroom. Empower your students to learn, collaborate, and think critically. Families: SOLEs are also great for self-guided learning at home! Here’s how:  TomTod’s guide to online SOLE

Launch a SOLE with your students. Use the Big Question of the Day with TomTod’s online SOLE Template. Just ask your students: “Why is perseverance an important quality? How could you apply grit to your life today?”

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