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There are so many free resources flying around the internet, right now. It can be time-consuming to find high-quality materials designed especially for middle schoolers. That’s why TomTod has created a new online resource just for middle school educators –  Educator Explorations. 

Subscribe to Educator Explorations and each week you will receive 2 curated emails. 

One email will include a standards-aligned project plan that you can utilize with your classroom the following week, and the other will be full of helpful online learning tools and good vibes to encourage you as you navigate this time with your students!

What’s in an Educator Exploration? 

On Mondays, the Educator Exploration will feature articles, videos, and information from our Online Learning Toolkit. We are curating only the most helpful and most important information to help you teach online, connect with students, and care for yourself.

Mid-week, the Educator Exploration will be an original standards-aligned project plan that you can use in your online classroom. We are developing these project-based lesson plans and original resources to promote Social Emotional Learning while students create projects from your standards.

On top of being fun and engaging, these curated resources are rooted in Positive Youth Development Research and 21st Century Learning Standards.


Each Project Plan is designed to:

– Inspire authentic learning through imagination and curiosity

– Promote Social and Emotional Learning

– Develop 21st Century Learning skills like collaboration, critical thinking, and creative innovation

TomTod’s Educator Explorations connect teachers to developmentally aligned, quality learning experiences that will turn boredom into an adventure.

Our hope is that Educator Explorations will inspire and equip you to help your middle school students learn! 

Explore TomTod’s resources and lesson plans for middle school educators! 

Design Thinking Student Project

Education & Design Thinking

Explore your brain

Middle School Neuroscience

Gameplan with students

Make Learning Personal

Internet Creator Challenge

Intrinsic Motivation

Social & Emotional Learning

Teach with SOLE

How to teach PBL Online

Self-care or self-destruct


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