Daily Adventures


Daily Adventures is an online resource curated by TomTod Ideas and designed to help middle schoolers fight boredom, ignite imagination, and learn at home. Posted Monday through Friday to our blog (or sent directly to your inbox), Daily Adventures include: 

  • A Moment of Joy – a short video designed to make you smile. 🙂

    • A Family Adventure-tivity – fun ideas, games, and activities for your whole family! 


    • A Design Challenge – an engaging activity to challenge middle schooler’s creativity!

    What’s in a Daily Adventure?

    For parents and caregivers, it may feel overwhelming to suddenly be both caregiver and homeschool teacher. There is a lot of great content being made available for free during this difficult time, but not all of it is made for middle school students

    Instead of spending hours searching the internet for ideas, let the Adventure Curators at TomTod curate a daily list of high-quality adventures for you! We have activities for families and middle schoolers that will transform boredom into adventure! 

    Build Your Ideas

    Idea Explosion

    What’s your problem?

    Think like a designer

    Becoming You


    Daily Adventures are free and available to anyone to use. If you find them valuable and have the means to do so, consider donating to support this work. Thank you! -The TomTod Team

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