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Daily Adventures are TomTod’s new email resource designed to help middle schoolers fight boredom, ignite imagination, and learn at home. Just subscribe, and every day you get an email full of ideas for families, middle schoolers, and educators. Our hope is to support you in creating a new routine for your middle schooler that is empowering, educational, and full of fun!

What’s in a Daily Adventure?

Each Daily Adventure includes curated tools, resources, and activities for caregivers, middle schoolers, and educators.  On top of being fun and engaging, these curated resources are rooted in Positive Youth Development Research and 21st Century Learning Standards. Each Daily Adventure is a mix of online and offline resources and activities such as:

Design Challenges and Explorations to inspire authentic learning through imagination and curiosity

Family Adventure-tivities  to promote Social Emotional Learning and health for the whole family

Online Learning Tools to develop 21st Century Learning skills like collaboration, critical thinking, and creative innovation

Try the Design Challenges to create together, deploy the Family Adventure-tivity to play together, and use the Online Learning Tools to empower your middle schooler to explore their ideas and interests. And keep an eye out for opportunities to join our Adventure Curators (virtually, of course) as we participate along the way!

TomTod’s Daily Adventure connects your middle schoolers to developmentally aligned, quality learning experiences that will turn boredom into an adventure. Let’s not let cabin fever win! Subscribe to the Daily Adventure to create a fun, empowering, healthy new routine for your middle schoolers.

Join the Adventure

Fight the boredom with Daily Adventures full of resources, activities, and tools for middle schoolers, parents, and educators. Subscribe to receive Daily Adventures in your inbox! Enjoy and adventure on! 

Make (art)ifacts

Write to future you

Time Travel Together

Make Marvelous Mistakes

Stand on your head

Unlock Your Superpower

Make things better

Create joy today

Engage your what if drive

To be awesome you need…

Stressed dogs, cats, & us

After all the Netflix…

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Why do Daily Adventures Matter?

We know routine is important. There’s lots and lots of things out there reminding us of that. We understand how overwhelming it might feel to create and resource a meaningful routine. Our hope is to support you in exploring opportunities for creating a helpful rhythm for your middle schooler that is empowering, educational, and full of fun!

At TomTod we know middle schoolers. So we know when middle schoolers are stuck at home, they can get a little bored, a little irritated, or a little too glued to their Nintendo Switch. Never fear! TomTod’s Adventure Curators are here to help! We are dedicating our time and expertise to make every day that they’re stuck at home an opportunity to engage a new Daily Adventure.

For parents and caregivers, it may feel overwhelming to suddenly be both caregiver and homeschool teacher. There is a lot of great content being made available for free during this difficult time, but not all of it is made for middle school students. Instead of spending hours searching the internet for ideas, let the Adventure Curator Team at TomTod curate a daily list of high quality adventures for you!

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Daily Adventures are free and available to anyone to use. If you find them valuable and have the means to do so, consider donating to support this work. Thank you! -The TomTod Team

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