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Follow along as we give you all the goodies of Daily Adventures in one place! This week we explore creativity- what is it, how to boost it, and how to put it into action. What are you waiting for? Get to creating!

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Start your journey into creativity by getting inspired by these creative thinkers, makers, and dreamers! 




Explore how creativity works in the brain in this week’s exploration! 

Check out what your brain is doing while being creative and imaginative in The neuroscience of imagination (4:48)

Looking to cultivate your creative skills? Explore The secret to creativity (5:07) and explore creativity projects at




Get creative with your family and friends with this week’s Adventure-tivity!

Create a map of your community including your favorite places (ice cream shops, best friend’s house, park, etc.). Inspire your map-making by exploring Google Earth Expeditions. Make a 2D version using paper and colored pencils, a 3D version with cardboard and random trinkets around the house, create a virtual tour of your community using Google Tour Creator, or become a globe-hopping film-maker with Google Earth Studio! 

Watch Creative thinking (5:10) for an understanding of how to boost creativity in all areas of life. 




Challenge your creativity with this week’s Design Challenge! 

Your challenge is to create a standing structure that has a movable part! Collect cardboard, paper, tape, fasteners, paper clips, and get to creating! (adapted from


Feeling stuck? Bored? Tired of the same old, same old? Watch How to boost creativity (1:44) to change things up and get in the creative zone!




Fall down a rabbit hole of creativity this weekend! Get lost in these addicting and creative options. 

Check out these creative escape rooms you can do from the comfort of your couch! 

Become an online artist! Play and create on!



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