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TomTod Time Capsule Art Challenge

Grab a pencil, a pen, or a paintbrush. It’s time to create some art! When daily life feels uncertain, emotions are erratic, and stress is extra stressful, it can be helpful to find creative outlets to express ourselves. Today, we adventure into artistic innovation. 

How can we create art that expresses how we feel, inspires hope, and captures this historic moment? Enjoy adventuring into these unique and innovative art projects. Express yourself and adventure on! 

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Why do we use different ways to express ourselves?

How can art help us express difficult feelings?



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Museum asks people to recreate art from household items and it’s delightful

Most people are staying at home, but that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate good art. To keep the appreciation for the arts alive, the Getty Museum in Los Angeles asked people to recreate their favorite works of art using household objects. After all, it’s not like anyone was doing anything else during their self-quarantine.


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Watch + Learn

We could all use a creative pep talk right now, right? This middle school art teacher of 30 years shares her important insights about creativity, letting go of our egos, and making the world a better place through our art.

Family Adventure-tivity

Create art together! Make this beautiful and simple drawing project or pick a fun DIY room decoration project or try one of these spontaneous art activities for teensOur favorite easy art project is Altered Magazine Photos:

    • 1) Grab some markers or paint
    • 2) Find a magazine or duplicate family photo
    • 3) Create a design to make it pop!



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Join The Time Capsule Project

TomTod Time Capsule Project

Sometimes art can express feelings and moments better than a thousand five-paragraph-essays. Today’s challenge is to create a piece of art to add to TomTod’s Time Capsule Project. 

Create art to capture this moment

1) Use our Time Capsule Journal to creatively capture your historical experience.

2) Create a comic, painting, drawing, or zine!

3) Send your journal to and we will include it in our community time capsule.

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Design Challenge

Make your own Zine that tells your story of social distancing, just like these cartoons and art projects about the Coronavirus outbreak, which have helped educate and inspire thousands of people in the past week.

Explore More

Looking for more projects? Learn to make beautiful lettering drawings of your favorite lyrics or inspiring quotes. 


Online Learning Toolkit

In a job where you are constantly giving and pouring into others (on top of managing your life outside of work), it can be easy to let your self-care fall to the bottom of the priority list. So, in an effort to help you reconnect with your inner self, this week we are providing daily tools and opportunities to recharge, refresh, and restore. Enjoy!

Self-care Tool of the Day: Meditation

Often times what comes to mind are images of someone sitting on a hilltop cross-legged, thumb to the index finger, “ooohhhhhmmm”-ing their stress away. While that is not necessarily incorrect, it definitely is not the only way to practice meditation! 

Don’t let the myths of meditation keep you from trying it. The benefits are backed by science, it can be a religious or secular practice, and you have to find what works for you. There are many types of meditation, but often starting with a short guided meditation is a great way to ease into a practice. Try apps like Insight Timer, Headspace, or Calm to help you get started meditating!

  • Once you choose your mediation, keep these tips in mind:
    • Sit up straight.
    • Close your eyes or fix your attention on an object.
    • Breathe.
    • Know that you will have thoughts float through your mind, just come back to the meditation.


Lesson Plan Idea: Class time capsule project

Have your students join TomTod’s Community Time Capsule Project! So you can take care of yourself this week, TomTod created a project plan to lessen your load! We created a class time capsule project plan and a 5-day time capsule journal for you to use with your students this week.  

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