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Time Capsule Photo Challenge

Maya Angelou said, History, despite its wrenching pain, cannot be unlived, but if faced with courage, need not be lived again.” Here at TomTod, we have found that one of the best ways to cultivate high levels of courage is in connection with others.

We can’t do it alone! That is why we are always connecting to people in the community. In order to write a better future, we’re going to have to work on it together.

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Why is it important to remember what has happened in history?

How can we best document our own history during this time?



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Midtown Atlanta residents cheer on healthcare professionals

All week, residents in Midtown Atlanta take to their balconies to cheer and applaud medical professionals during an 8 p.m. shift change. (Video by Ryon Horn)


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Watch + Learn

To understand how to best help middle schoolers during the Coronavirus outbreak, start with understanding how the brains of middle schoolers work (8:28).

Doctor Daniel Siegel shares tips from his book Brainstorm: The Power and Purpose of the Teenage Brain such as …” increased emotionality causes teens to become more easily irritated, upset, and moody. As one adolescent said to me when he heard I was writing this book, ‘Tell the adults to back off! Just let us feel whatever we feel at the time.’”

Family Adventure-tivity

Tonight, make and film your own Try NOT to Laugh Challenge! Here are the rules: 

  • Everyone in your family finds a funny clip from the internet (Can’t go wrong with these cat videos) or find a cringy dad joke
  • Film everyone watching the videos or listening to the jokes with a mouth full of water! 
  • If anyone laughs or spits out the water, they are out.


Bonus-tivity: The National Theatre is streaming free Plays on Thursdays! Grab the popcorn and get ready for a new family experience.


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Join The Time Capsule Project

TomTod Time Capsule Project

Sometimes art can express feelings and moments better than a thousand five-paragraph-essays. Today’s challenge is to create a piece of art to add to TomTod’s Time Capsule Project. 

Create art to capture this moment

1) Use our Time Capsule Journal to creatively capture your historical experience.

2) Create a comic, painting, drawing, or zine!

3) Send your journal to and we will include it in our community time capsule.

Design Challenge

Take a photo that will capture history! Photography has the power to make social change and document history. Your challenge is to take and share photos that capture this historic moment! 

  • How can you capture what social distancing feels like? 
  • How can you capture businesses, playgrounds, and schools being closed? 
  • How can you capture what it’s like to learn online?

Include your photos in our Time Capsule Journal or share them with to be included with our time capsule!

Explore More

Want to design your own posters and social media posts? Try Canva and share your creation with @tomtodideas!


Online Learning Toolkit

In a job where you are constantly giving and pouring into others (on top of managing your life outside of work), it can be easy to let your self-care fall to the bottom of the priority list. So, in an effort to help you reconnect with your inner self, this week we are providing daily tools and opportunities to recharge, refresh, and restore. Enjoy!

Self-care Tool of the Day: Movement

Movement doesn’t have to be a painful 2-hour workout that leaves you unable to lift your arms to wash your hair or running miles and miles training for a marathon that leaves your legs like jell-0. If that’s your thing, go for it, but if you’re consistently suffering through those workouts you may want to change it up. Also, if you’re not already throwing heavy things around and running for hours on end, now may not be the time to start.** 

If you’re looking for something gentle to get the blood flowing, ideally, it’s something that you enjoy doing like dancing in the basement, wrangling for floor space with your dog while practicing yoga or stretching, or even going for a walk in nature (don’t forget to practice social distancing!). If you need some additional ideas, think back to what brought you joy as a kiddo and recreate it!


There are physical activity guidelines, but be gentle with yourself at this moment and move in a way that feels right for your body. 

**Before beginning an exercise regimen, please consult with a medical professional**

  • Once you choose your mediation, keep these tips in mind:
    • Sit up straight.
    • Close your eyes or fix your attention on an object.
    • Breathe.
    • Know that you will have thoughts float through your mind, just come back to the meditation.


Lesson Plan Idea: Class time capsule project

Have your students join TomTod’s Community Time Capsule Project! So you can take care of yourself this week, TomTod created a project plan to lessen your load! We created a class time capsule project plan and a 5-day time capsule journal for you to use with your students this week.  

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