Welcome back, Hero! Today we’re in creation mode with questions, boats, and comics!

Listening is one of the most powerful superheroes to help others. Get ready question and listen to others! 

Your mission today is to conquer the quest for the perfect question!


Your mission today is build-up your empathy so you can build with empathy!


Check out today’s Adventure Plan and  join us on the video call!



How do you interview someone? What is an open-ended question?

What if…you could ask anyone one 1 question?


I will be curious because curiosity open windows. I will ask questions! 

I will be a co-hero because I am a part of a team. Together, we will be co-learners, co-explorers, and co-creators. I promise not to follow the counselors lead! I will follow my imagination! 

I will give respect. I will respect people, technology, myself and our ideas!

I will engage my “What if…” powers. This week, I will SQUINT. I will not SQUELCH! 


Would you rather… build a house in the sky or build a house underground? 

Share your origin story.  Share a high, a low, a funny funky story, or an unbelievable unpopular opinion! 

What are open-ended questions?

Closed-ended questions are those which can be answered by a simple “yes” or “no,” while open-ended questions are those which require more thought and more than a simple one-word answer.

In the quest for the perfect question, open-ended questions get people to tell more detailed stories and give better answers.


Open-Ended Question Discover – Can you use only open-ended questions to discover these famous heroes in this special games of Secret Identity Discover?

Let’s play Secret Identity Discover! 

Today, you will meet a community hero – someone who is using their superpowers to make their community better.

You mission is to discover who this person is and why they are a community hero in less than 5 minutes by asking only OPEN-ENDED QUESTIONS.


Then we will interview this community hero about their heroic ideas and work!


Good luck discovering this hero’s secret identity! 



Your mission is to ideate and write the perfect questions for tomorrow Speed Interview Plunge. Tomorrow, you will interview 4 amazing community heroes, and it’s up to you to learn as much as possible to help us create our own ideas.

Practice the Perfect Questions



Practice interviewing another camper to get ready for the Speedy Interview Plunge tomorrow! Remember – Practice makes progress, not perfection. It is okay to still feel nervous!

  • Ask your written question
  • Listen
  • Ask a follow up question


Nervous? Watch this middle school girl learn to interview like pro!




Hero challenges are your chance to test your super-powers by completing these hands-on, creative super challenges and sharing your results with us. The more challenges you complete, the more points you earn, and the more prizes you and your camp can win! You can complete and share your Hero Challenges either by using your phone or by using your computer!

Use your phone

Conquer your Hero Challenges using augmented-reality on your phone

Download the Metaverse app

Use this link to load today’s Hero Challenges in augmented reality

Today’s Metaverse Portal Password is “empathy”



Use Google Classroom

Conquer your Hero Challenges using your computer and Google Classroom

Use your TomTod email to log into Gmail and your camp’s Google Classroom

Use the Google Suite to create your work

Submit your work or take picture of it in Google classroom to earn your Hero points



Hero Challenge #1 – Tin-Foil Boats

Grab a bucket of water  (or fill up your sink) and some pennies for this mission. I need you to design and make the best boat you can out of tin-foil. See how many pennies you can get it to hold and document the process via video/photo.

Need some inspiration?


Hero Challenge #2 – Draw you own comic strip

Simple shapes make super characters! Even if drawing is not your best superpower, you can draw your own comic using simple shapes. Draw a comic strip of yourself as a hero solving problems that you see.

Need some inspiration? 

Complete & share your Hero Challenges using augmented-reality on your phone

or using your computer and Google classroom.


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