Welcome back, Hero!  Today is your final day before presentations!

You will train your superpower of speaking, persuasion, and looking good for your final challenge tomorrow!

We hope you’re as excited as we are. Being able to share your ideas is a superpower that can transform an idea into a real thing. 

It is okay to feel nervous, even the best speakers feel nervous!

Your mission is to practice our presentation and face our nerves so you can share your amazing ideas with the world!



Check out today’s Adventure Plan and  join us on the video call!


What do you hope comes from your ideas this week?
What if… your presentation makes someone want to invest in you idea?


I will be curious because curiosity open windows. I will ask questions! 

I will be a co-hero because I am a part of a team. Together, we will be co-learners, co-explorers, and co-creators. I promise not to follow the counselors lead! I will follow my imagination! 

I will give respect. I will respect people, technology, myself and our ideas!

I will engage my “What if…” powers. This week, I will SQUINT. I will not SQUELCH! 


Would you rather… go without TV or junk food the rest of your life?

Share your origin story.  Share a high, a low, a funny funky story, or an unbelievable unpopular opinion! 

Let’s play… Wink Assassin. Campers must convince all the others that they are NOT the assassin in the group. One student is the assassin and must finish off as many students as they can, before getting caught.

  • The assassin privately messages the victim ‘wink’.
  • When a user gets this message, they must tragically play-act die, and turn off their video feed.
  • The remaining players then vote on who they believe the assassin to be.
  • The player with the most votes gets kicked out. The game continues until the assassin is caught.


You have now begun the Creation phase of your quest. This week in your group, you must work together to plan your idea and presentation. Bring your best communication, collaboration, and critical thinking game. Your mission is to make your idea into a reality.

Go to your Google Classroom to get your copy of the TomTod Project Slides.


Presenting is all about being exited about what you have to say, and saying it clearly so others can get excited too! Watch these helpful examples of presentations to help you prepare.

Let pictures do the talking – We want to hear your words, and we want your slides to use pictures or photos that visually tell the story of our idea.

Hook your audience – a good hook grabs your audience’s attentions, makes them listen, and clearly sets up your idea. Watch these great hooks for inspiration.

Be excited. Be passionate – You audience can only believe in your idea as much as you do. Be loud and proud for your idea because it is amazing, and the world needs to hear it. Watch these passionate middle schoolers present their idea to the world for inspiration.


Hero challenges are your chance to test your super-powers by completing these hands-on, creative super challenges and sharing your results with us. The more challenges you complete, the more points you earn, and the more prizes you and your camp can win! You can complete and share your Hero Challenges either by using your phone or by using your computer!

Conquer your Hero Challenges using augmented-reality on your phone

Download the Metaverse app

Use this link to load today’s Hero Challenges in augmented reality

Today’s Metaverse Portal Password is “empathy”


Conquer your Hero Challenges using your computer and Google Classroom

Use your TomTod email to log into Gmail and your camp’s Google Classroom

Use the Google Suite to create your work

Submit your work or take picture of it in Google classroom to earn your Hero points


Hero Challenge #1 – Prepare to launch your idea

There is one final mission for you to accomplish, but with it will come many more as you go through life. Practice your presentation.

It can be with your team, to a parent, or alone in your room, but make sure that this idea doesn’t just stop tomorrow. Keep ideating for a better world and slay each Fear Dragon that comes your way!


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