Welcome to week 3, Hero! You are truly showing your perseverance through this. I’m so excited to hear more about your ideas this week. 


Your mission this week to use your superpowers to transform your idea into a plan.


This will require you to work together with your teammates and use your power of critical thinking to launch your idea into reality!



Check out today’s Adventure Plan and  join us on the video call!


How do you turn an idea into reality?
What if… you combined your superpowers to become an unstoppable super team?


I will be curious because curiosity open windows. I will ask questions! 

I will be a co-hero because I am a part of a team. Together, we will be co-learners, co-explorers, and co-creators. I promise not to follow the counselors lead! I will follow my imagination! 

I will give respect. I will respect people, technology, myself and our ideas!

I will engage my “What if…” powers. This week, I will SQUINT. I will not SQUELCH! 


Would you rather… have an increased sense of smell or magnified hearing?

Share your origin story.  Share a high, a low, a funny funky story, or an unbelievable unpopular opinion! 

Let’s play… Emoji Charades

One camper will get a direction to act like an emotion because of a funny reason.

For example, embarrassed because you stepped in dog poop.

The actor must act it out (no words or sounds)!

The rest of us will try and guess the emotion and reason for it.

Let’s see those acting skills! 




You have now begun the Creation phase of your quest. This week in your group, you must work together to plan your idea and presentation. Bring your best communication, collaboration, and critical thinking game. Your mission is to make your idea into a reality.

Go to your Google Classroom to get your copy of the TomTod Project Slides.

Is your idea hitting the mark?

Ask your team is your idea needed/wanted, new/better, and able to be done? Then think about who your idea is helping and what you know about them!


Hero challenges are your chance to test your super-powers by completing these hands-on, creative super challenges and sharing your results with us. The more challenges you complete, the more points you earn, and the more prizes you and your camp can win! You can complete and share your Hero Challenges either by using your phone or by using your computer!

Conquer your Hero Challenges using augmented-reality on your phone

Download the Metaverse app

Use this link to load today’s Hero Challenges in augmented reality

Today’s Metaverse Portal Password is “empathy”


Conquer your Hero Challenges using your computer and Google Classroom

Use your TomTod email to log into Gmail and your camp’s Google Classroom

Use the Google Suite to create your work

Submit your work or take picture of it in Google classroom to earn your Hero points


Hero Challenge #1 – Idea Jingle

Much like we did earlier in week 1, we want you to create a jingle again, but this time it’ll be for your idea! You can use Google Music Lab, Soundtrap, Incredibox, Garage Band, a musical instrument, or just your voice, but be sure to save it for your presentation later this week and send us a link or a recording to finish this mission. 

Need some inspiration?


Hero Challenge #2 – Idea Commercial

This mission will require planning, dedication, and perseverance, but we know you’re up to it. Your mission is to create a commercial for your idea; script it, record it, and post it to the Google Classroom when you’re done.

Need some inspiration? 

Complete & share your Hero Challenges using augmented-reality on your phone

or using your computer and Google classroom.


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