Welcome back, Hero! Today, we add new ideas to your projects to  create bigger, better, and more beautiful ideas. 

Your superpower today is to say “Yes! And…” to each other’s ideas. That means that we will be encouraging, be excited, and use our “What If… powers.


Your mission is to be a great teammate and to let your ideas grow into something new and better.



Check out today’s Adventure Plan and  join us on the video call!


How can using your imagination help create solutions to problems?
What if… the best ideas come in parts from lots of people?


I will be curious because curiosity open windows. I will ask questions! 

I will be a co-hero because I am a part of a team. Together, we will be co-learners, co-explorers, and co-creators. I promise not to follow the counselors lead! I will follow my imagination! 

I will give respect. I will respect people, technology, myself and our ideas!

I will engage my “What if…” powers. This week, I will SQUINT. I will not SQUELCH! 


Would you rather… have hands for feet or feet for hands?

Share your origin story.  Share a high, a low, a funny funky story, or an unbelievable unpopular opinion! 

Let’s play… “Yes! And..”

This is game of pure imagination.

Your goal is to make the funniest story you can by adding on the ideas of others.

When someone says your name, it is your turn to keep the story going!

Here’s an example:

  • Opening idea -“A family went fishing.”
  • Yes! And…”The son hooked fish.”
  • Yes And… “The fish pulled him into the water!”
  • Yes! And… “The fish pulled him to the bottom.”
  • Yes! And…”The boy discovered the lost City of Atlantis at the bottom of Lake Erie.



Great ideas become reality through teamwork! Checkout these examples of other middle schoolers and listen how they launched their ideas into the world.


Say “Yes! And..” to amazing ideas

Your mission is to work with you team to build an amazing idea. Let’s get into groups and get creative! Listen to your teammates and add ideas to your project by playing “Yes! And…”!

How to play Yes! And with our ideas: Go to the Yes! And Slides. Each small group will add as many ideas to each idea for 6-8 minutes. If you need more space just copy the slide!

Is your idea hitting the mark?

Ask your team is your idea needed/wanted, new/better, and able to be done? Then think about who your idea is helping and what you know about them!


Hero challenges are your chance to test your super-powers by completing these hands-on, creative super challenges and sharing your results with us. The more challenges you complete, the more points you earn, and the more prizes you and your camp can win! You can complete and share your Hero Challenges either by using your phone or by using your computer!

Conquer your Hero Challenges using augmented-reality on your phone

Download the Metaverse app

Use this link to load today’s Hero Challenges in augmented reality

Today’s Metaverse Portal Password is “empathy”


Conquer your Hero Challenges using your computer and Google Classroom

Use your TomTod email to log into Gmail and your camp’s Google Classroom

Use the Google Suite to create your work

Submit your work or take picture of it in Google classroom to earn your Hero points


Hero Challenge #1 – Idea Logo Design

Design a logo and a tagline for one of the ideas you liked the most today. You can use paper or get professional and use the online design program Canva to design and share your logo

Need some inspiration?


Hero Challenge #2 – Time Capsule Challenge

You are living history. Take some time to go through the Time Capsule Journal template and create a digital Time Capsule to remember how you feel during this strange and unprecedented time. Then, print off our time capsule and hide in your house and wait! 

Need some inspiration? 

Complete & share your Hero Challenges using augmented-reality on your phone

or using your computer and Google classroom.


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