This is the start of an epic 3-week adventure!

At Camp What If, everything we do starts with a simple question: “What if?”.  This question is our guide as we explore the world, conquer creative challenges, and use our super-powers to create new ideas for our community!

Your goal during camp is to explore and launch ideas that put empathy and imagination into action.

So, let us ask you: How can you follow your curiosity, fire up your imagination, and think outside the computer screen this week? Ask yourself: What if I ____________________? 


Check out today’s Adventure Plan and  join us on the video call!


What are your superpowers? How can you use your superpowers to help your community?


I will be curious because curiosity opens windows. I will ask questions! 

I will be a co-hero. Together, we will be co-learners, co-explorers, and co-creators. I promise NOT to follow the adult’s lead! I will follow my imagination! 

I will give respect. I will respect people, technology, myself and our ideas!

I will engage my “What if…” powers. This week, I will SQUINT. I will not SQUELCH! 


Would you rather… run at 100 mph or fly at ten mph? Why?

Get to know your camp! Be ready to introduce yourself! Share your name and where you go to school +  1 fun fact about you +  1 thing you like about your community + 1 thing you would change about your community.

Paper Tower Challenge

With the paper in you daily Adventure Pack, build the tallest tower you can! Your tower must:

  • Use only the paper in your Adventure Pack
  • Cannot use adhesives (no glue, tape, or gum to hold it together)
  • Be free standing (it cannot lean on a wall or on furniture)

When you are done, measure it and take a picture! Send it to us on Facebook or Instagram at @tomtodideas!


Play-Doh Get to Know

Use the play-doh to let others get to know you!


You have 2 minutes to mold your answers.

Don’t tell anyone what you made!

See if your fellow campers and Camp Guides can guess what it is! 

      • Your favorite animal.
      • Best invention of the last 100 years.
      • Something that reminds you of being happy. 
      • Something that reminds you of something you love.
      • Coolest place in your city?
      • Be creative – make-up your own question!

Hero Map Scavenger Hunt

Explore your community and the world! Fly using Google Maps to explore like never before!

Hero Map Scavenger Hunt

Complete the Scavenger Hunt using Google maps as fast as possible.

  • Find your house.
  • Find your school.
  • Find the biggest lake in your city.
  • How many fire stations does your community have?
  • Find the biggest park in your city. Shout out 1 cool thing you see in it.



  • What does the Mckinley Monument in Canton look like from above?
  • Find the Goodyear Blimp Airdock. How many cars long is the airdock?(take a guess)
  • Explore a park in a city from a different county: Search a city name + “park. Try London, Tokyo, Copenhagen, Reykjavik, Rome, Mexico City, Cape Town, Brasilia. Find the coolest thing you wish we could bring to your city.
  • Find something cool from anywhere in the world and tell us about it!

Explore the 7 wonders of the world 

This week, we are going to be exploring the world to create heroic ideas for our community. Get inspired by exploring these 7 wonders of the world, and ask yourself, “What if…my city became one of the wonders of the world?” or  “How might I… build something amazing in my city?”

Scavenger Hunt Questions:

  • How many people did it take to build the Taj Mahal? How long did it take?
  • What was the Great Wall China used for?
  • How old is the Colosseum of Rome?
  • Who built the Chichén-Itzá pyramid and where is it?
  • How did they create Petra?
  • How many people live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil?
  • If you could build a Wonder of the World  in your city, what would you build?


Hero Challenges are your chance to test your superpowers by completing these hands-on, creative super challenges and sharing your results with us. The more challenges you complete, the more points you earn, and the more prizes you and your camp can win! You can complete and share your Hero Challenges either by using your phone or by using your computer!

Conquer your Hero Challenges using augmented-reality on your phone

Download the Metaverse app

Use this link to load today’s Hero Challenges in augmented reality

Today’s Metaverse Portal Password is “middle schoolers are awesome


Conquer your Hero Challenges using your computer and Google Classroom

Use your TomTod email to log into Gmail and your camp’s Google Classroom

Use the Google Suite to create your work

Submit your work or take pictures in Google Classroom to earn your Hero Points


Hero Challenge #1 – Draw your super adventure


Everyone has a superpower.

Everyone is fighting a great battle.

We want to see your superpowers brought to life.

  • Draw yourself as a superhero
  • Draw a monster in your life (a fear or challenge)
  • Draw your sidekick (a support person/animal)
  • Draw your utility belt and tools (the things that will help you tame the monster)


We can’t wait to see your adventure drawing!

Complete & share your Hero Challenges using augmented-reality on your phone or using your computer and Google classroom.

Hero Challenge #2 – Create your Hero Profile

We want to get to know you better! Complete your Hero Profile to share your superpowers, your mission, and fun things about you! Create your Hero Profile and earn points for your camp!

BONUS FUN – Play with your Merge Cube!


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