Build Your Ideas


Break out the clay, paper, and all the things and get your prototype on!

This is an experimental phase of the design process, and the aim is to identify the best possible solution for each of the problems identified during the first three stages. Practice putting your ideas into action with the prototype activities below.

Build it  and more ideas will come! 

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When you need some joy, start a ministry of silly walks and then watch your neighbors. 



Watch + Learn

Time to create a prototype (1:39), also known as an early model of an idea (think clay, paper, cardboard).


Family Adventure-tivity

Think of an idea for an invention and then make it real! Create a prototype that will accomplish a task or make work easier at home! Have your student(s) conduct interviews with family members to identify the problem that their device will help solve. Then, as a family, make a sketch or prototype of the idea! Check out these fun ideas (7:08)


Student Design Challenge

Challenge Question: How can I… build a balloon-powered car?

    • Empathize: Talk to your family about where the best place to do this project would be.
    • Define the problem: What do you have to build with? Who are you building for? How much space do you have to build?
    • Ideate: 1). Come up with lots of ideas 2). Add to, combine, and eliminate ideas 3). Narrow and select one idea.
    • Prototype: Draw, build, and make designs of your idea.
    • Test/Launch – Test your ideas and fix any problems that arise throughout the process.


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