Build Character: Embrace feedback

[Post written by TomTod’s Chief Ideation Officer, Abby Shaub].


The sheer utterance of the word can make us shudder. When “constructive” is attached to the front it softens the hit. Ultimately though, standing vulnerable before others is an intimidating task. 

The easy solution to the intimidation is to shut others out and not ask for their feedback on our ideas, projects or work. But, cowering away is a sad existence. In order to grow, we need to live with our ears open to the insight of others. 

Marketing guru Seth Godin wrote a poignant blog post on this topic. He explained 3 different ways we can react to feedback. We can see it as an attack, pass it off to someone else or show gusto and choose the third option:

“One other option: you can care even more than I do. You can not only be open to the constructive feedback, but you can savor it, chew it over, amplify it. You can delight in the fact that someone cares enough to speak up, and dance with their insight and contribution.”

At TomTod, we believe in constructive feedback. A few weeks ago we held Community Ideation Panels for our Idea X students. During two separate panels, Kyle & Isaiah presented their idea to a group of professionals within their idea’s topic. After the presentation and Q&A, panelists wrote down what is awesome about the idea and potential obstacles.

Following the panels, the students met with their lead mentors to go over the feedback. They received it very well, as they listened and used the insight to enhance their ideas. Instead of being defensive, the students accepted the constructive criticism as an opportunity to create better developed and others’ focused ideas.

It’s time to view feedback as a catalyst to improve our ideas and build character. People give their insight because they value our success. Embracing it shows we value them too.


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