Bored Games Champ


Let’s face it. You’re spending a lot more time in front of a screen, just as we know our families are!

So, let’s take a look at our best “bored game” activities and give our eyeballs/brains a break from the glow of a screen (minus the “explore more” section, but we know you can’t stay away forever)!

Still Bored? Don’t be! You can revisit the best “bored game” activities with us.

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Watch an epic living room father-daughter dance battle(1:32)


Watch + Learn

 How Boredom Can Lead to Your Most Brilliant ideas (watch from 2:20-3:35 for a fun fact about our brains and boredom; entire video is 16:05)


Family Adventure-tivity

Play the game Spoons to break up the marathon of screen time. All you need is spoons and a deck of cards. Watch your fingers! (Level this game up by replacing the spoons with pillows, but placed on the opposite side of the room. Let the tackling commence!)

  • Why is a break from screen time important?
  • How can you make time in your schedule that is offline?


Student Design Challenge

If you’ve monopolized Monopoly and aren’t sorry for always winning Sorry try designing a board game or a sport using only household items. Let the games begin!


Explore More: Check out Interland – a single-player interactive game where you play your way to being Internet Awesome! This game covers the fundamentals of digital citizenship and safety so that you can explore the online world with confidence. 

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