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The last step in design thinking is Testing (the fun kind of testing). Try Your Solutions Out! Designers or evaluators rigorously test complete products using the best solutions identified in the Prototype phase.

This is the final phase of the model but, in an iterative process such as design thinking, the results generated are often used to redefine one or more further problems. Designers can then choose to return to previous stages in the process to make further iterations, alterations, and refinements to rule out alternative solutions. How might testing be a helpful tool in everyday problems that you face?

~ The TomTod Adventure Curators

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Watch + Learn

Check out the final stage of design thinking: Testing (the fun kind of testing!)


Family Adventure-tivity

As a family, use design thinking to create a boat that can successfully float 25 pennies. Be creative with how you make your boat and use any household items you want!

Here are some good questions to ask about design thinking as you debrief:

    • Why should we always test something before trying it in real-time with people?
    • How can we apply the steps of design thinking to everyday problems? (Remember the steps: Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype, Test)



Student Design Challenge

Make a tool that astronauts could use to pick up an object in space. Imagine you are an astronaut and need to grab and hold an object in space! 

    • Empathize: Ask others for ideas. Consider what you will use to create.
    • Define the problem: What are you trying to grab a hold of in space? What do you have to build with?
    • Ideate: 1). Come up with lots of ideas 2). Add to, combine, and eliminate ideas 3). Narrow and select one idea.
    • Prototype: Draw, sculpt, or carve your design!
    • Test: Test your idea. Make adjustments and learn from your attempts! Remember to head back to the Define step if you run into challenges.


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