[Guest blogger Josh Harris has been a fan of TomTod since its beginning in 2012. An entrepreneur with over 15+ years of business experience, Josh has navigated three businesses in the marketing and tech sectors from start-up to acquisition. Josh recently joined the Stark County District Library as Interim Marketing Director, helping the institution tell its story to the community. When away from a computer Josh, his wife Kate, and their daughter Maddie enjoy biking and other outdoor activities.]

I take a lot of things for granted without realizing it. And while sometimes those assumptions are seemingly harmless, they subtly color my perception of the world and unwittingly influence the way I navigate through it.

Take, for example, the common orange: staple of soccer team snacks, unofficial juice of American breakfasts, and seeming cornerstone of the citrus family.  Heck, it’s even where we got the name for the color. So oranges must be one of those fundamental foods that have always been around, right?

Except that the orange doesn’t exist in the wild. They’re a human-cultivated hybrid of two true citrus ancestors. In fact, the entire citrus section of your local grocery store is a messy family tree of hybridization, cultivation, and cross-breeding going on for centuries. As common as oranges are today, they aren’t some fundamentally immutable member of the food pantheon. They only exist because an enterprising farmer in ancient China one day thought to himself, “I wonder if?”

So while assuming that the omnipresent oranges have always been so is a harmless – if tasty – error, contemplate a world in which Paddington Bear doesn’t have orange marmalade, and the crayon between red and yellow in the box is called “carrot.” It’s like apples and… oranges.

Which gets me to wondering… how much of what we assume “just is” or “always has been” or “can’t be changed” isn’t actually a forgone conclusion? And once you discover that most of what surrounds you isn’t inevitable, you start to realize that the world as you know it is much more open to your influence than you thought. In fact, if you squint your eyes and look past what is, you may just catch glimpse of the world as it could be – if you choose to ask “I wonder if?”

Oh, as for those citrus progenitors… ever heard of a citron, mandarin, pomelo, or papeda? They’re the only original citruses and the source from which all of the lemons, limes, grapefruits, and oranges that we take for granted derive. Which just goes to show that you don’t have to be well known or in the headlines to make a difference. But that’s another bad assumption for another day.

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