An Inside Look Into Grasp. Go. Grow. Part 2

Last week we shared Part 1 of our interview with Jason Pigott, the cooperating teacher at the Early College Academy (ECA). Jason co-leads Grasp. Go. Grow., an ideation based in school program, with TomTod’s Executive Dreamer Joel Daniel Harris. The Grasp. Go. Grow. students’ topic of study is “Food: Changing the Canton City Schools Experience.” Read on for part 2 of this interview!

TomTod: How have the students responded to the speakers/topic?

Jason Pigott: At first they were a little bit nervous. Students were starstruck when WKSU Reporter/Producer & Web Editor ML Schultze visited. The greatest growth is that they now ask more poignant questions with guest speakers in the room. Rather than asking “What?” questions, they ask more critical thinking questions such as, “Why?” and “How?”

TT: What are the intended learning outcomes for the semester? 

JP: We want to expose students to different things and at this point they are still figuring out their ideas. Some students want to explore ethnic foods and others are interested in GMOs. Our overall intended outcome is for students to use the knowledge they’ve gained to help the common good. We want to start small and build, discussing the future of food, if food is just about nutrition and what food brings to the table.

TT: What is the plan for the rest of the semester?

JP: Students will focus on the knowledge gained and use it for the common good. We will discuss how they can take what they learned and share it with others. Right now we are talking about guerrilla gardens and school lunches. Hopefully by the end of the 3rd 9 weeks we will get things out to the community.

TT: What do you hope students gain from this experience?

JP: I hope students look at things in a different way, as critical thinkers, to think about the products that are going into their bodies. We don’t want to necessarily sway them to be organic or vegan. We want to encourage them to not take food at face value and to think more about what they are consuming.

Grasp. Go. Grow. students at ECA will continue with this topic for the rest of the school year. To read more updates, check in to this blog and follow our Social Media @tomtodideas.


Students’ “Go” field trip experience: A Canton Food Tour.


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