Today my Facebook feed has been overwhelmed by the observation of 12/12/12. The world seems absolutely giddy for corresponding numbers and the fact that this particulary numerical occurrence is a once in a lifetime occurence.

My friend, Tim, had a more tempered reaction. “Every date only happens once… that’s how time works…”

And he couldn’t be more right.

Every date only happens once. You only live today today. When tomorrow comes, you can’t have today back to give it a second shot.

This is at the core of TomTod. We’re all about launching tomorrow’s ideas and leaders today. The challenges we face in the world aren’t patiently biding their time for us to get our act together. And the incredible students that I get to meet on a regular basis are ready and raring to go and to bring their own unique power-packed combination of intelligence, enthusiasm, and imagination to the table. So this morning, instead of marveling at the unique state of paired 1’s & 2’s, I’m doubling down with daring students attempting to solve clean water issues in rural Kenya.

So how about you? Whether adult or student, are you going to casually enjoy International Sound Check Day (1-2, 1-2, 1-2…) or maybe today you could choose instead to dive a little deeper into that dream that’s been filling up the back of your head. Let’s make today, and tomorrow, and the day after that about living into the possibility and potential that’s ready to be tapped. Grab your dreams and go for a ride. Tomorrow is waiting for you today.


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