What IF 101


Dear Parents,
Over the past eight years, TomTod Ideas has had the privilege of working with over 3,000 middle school students across Stark and Summit counties. This year we’re excited because we have the opportunity to work with your students online! TomTod empowers middle school students to explore and launch ideas that put empathy and imagination into action.


What If 101 meets weekly through virtual classes and connects students with their community in order to learn about assets and challenges that exist. Then we guide students as they develop their own ideas that could help their community for good. Students involved in What If 101 are introduced to leading thinkers and doers throughout Stark and Summit counties. 


We are so excited to partner with your student, and we are looking forward to an amazing year of fantastic, innovative ideas from your children that will benefit those around them. This will truly be an amazing opportunity to encourage creative, thoughtful problem solving as we also explore how to be engaged members of our community.


The release form below gives us the permissions we need in order to be able to provide this programming to your student. We also want to keep you in the loop on what we’re learning together, so if you share your email address with us, we will send an occasional email with updates on your student’s progress.


Thank you! – TomTod’s Adventure Curators 

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