100 Duck-Sized Horses


During the school year, TomTod Ideas is submerged in What If 101, our school-based collaborative where we get to hang out with middle school students all over Stark County and listen to their ideas about their community.

We are close to wrapping up our SIXTH year of What If 101 (can you believe it??). This year we have been at Louisville, Alliance, North Canton, and Oakwood middle schools.

Sometimes we need to get conversation rolling, so we like to do a Silly and Serious Question Of The Day, or SQOTD for short. 

Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized horses or one horse-sized duck?

Do you think adults value the opinions and ideas of middle schoolers?

There are always mixed opinions. I mean, a horse-sized duck would have a quack as loud as a freight train. But 100 duck-sized horses could start an unavoidable mini-stampede. Could you ride the duck? Do horses swim? I have unending questions. 

Our most recent batch of answers to the SQOTD leaned toward fighting one horse-sized duck. I think I concur. 


There are always mixed opinions on the serious question too:

“Adults don’t value our ideas because they believe we don’t have enough experience.”

“Yes, teachers especially value our opinions.”

How would you answer?


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