Volunteer at TomTod Ideas

We love our volunteers, who help us empower young people to launch ideas that benefit the common good.

Seasonal Office Volunteers help make our office a functional, smooth, organized space with administrative, cleaning, and creative skills that help us reach our students and communicate effectively.

In-kind Donors volunteer goods or services to TomTod Ideas through their connections and skill sets, such as photography, videography, accounting services, web and graphic design, and other gifts in kind.

Programmatic Volunteers engage and inspire middle school students in our events and programs, What If You Could, What If 101, Camp What If, and the Council of What If through mentorships, guest speaking engagements, assisting in classroom adventures, and leading labs. Programmatic Volunteers can:

Programmatic volunteers speak and meet with students in any of our relevant programs. Speakers discuss their field of work, the challenges, assets, and connections of the community in which they are involved, or the ethical responsibility we have as citizens towards our communities.

This includes:

Your Knowledge

Your knowledge of any particular history, media outlet, museum archives, or exhibit curation.

Your knowledge of specific sectors of the community, such as:

  • Health care
  • Social Services
  • Entertainment
  • Government & Public Service
  • Arts


How art can positively impact our communities.


How entrepreneurship is valuable to people and the communities in which they live, the skills and knowledge it takes be entrepreneurial, and why it’s relevant to young people.

Community Impact

Why it’s important to positively impact the communities in which we live, and why making people’s lives better is worthwhile.

Programmatic volunteers conduct labs at What If 101 or Camp What If. Labs are interactive field trips where students travel to a location and gain hands-on experience, learning about a particular topic, community asset, or organization. This is usually a time commitment of 1-2 hours.

Programmatic volunteers are mentors in What If You Could teams. Adult mentors join What If You Could students in the ideation process and oversee brainstorming and planning meetings for the team’s idea. They meet with their team on a regular basis throughout its inception and completion, anywhere from 6-18 months, and help the students make the idea happen.

Programmatic volunteers help our events run smoothly and efficiently, like our annual Feast of Ideas fundraiser, film screenings, and Camp What If closing programs. This is usually a time commitment of 2-4 hours per event.

Programmatic volunteers make Camp What If a fun, organized, amazing week for campers and staff. Volunteers can be up front or behind the scenes.

They interact with campers and counselors, lead games, supervise groups, travel to labs and have a blast with middle schoolers.

They also prep our camp locations by setting up and tearing down equipment, they help with mealtimes, and make the registration process go smoothly when Camp begins.

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