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June 19 – 23, 2017. For campers leaving 5 – 8 grade.

Early bird discount: Register before April 21 and get 10% off!

Camp Theme signpost

Camp Theme

Design for good. Fun for all. Camp What If: Masters takes you on a fun-filled college adventure of social innovation for the common good.

Camp pricing and scholarships

Pricing and Scholarships

Camp What If: Masters is $400. But don’t pay full price – we have multiple discounts and scholarships ready for you.

Information and Forms

Information and Forms

Click here to see camp location, medical/release form, FAQs, and other relevant camp information.

Camp Theme

Camp Theme signpost

Camp What If is all about having fun and doing good.

We have a blast living like college students for a week, playing awesome camp activities and games, gliding down the giant ice block slip ‘n slide, painting in the wall-to-wall graffiti competition, and exploring the Quad, the Barn, Heritage Hall, Dining Commons and other cool places on campus.

We empower campers to enhance the common good.

At Camp What If: Masters, we use design thinking concepts to dream up ways to do good in the world. Camp What If: Masters follows the same theme as Camp What If: Wilds – exploring the international refugee crisis and creating ideas that provide relief to those in need.

We use design to foster creativity and empathy for people.

With more people displaced today than at any time in history, the refugee crisis has made headlines internationally as countries struggle to find ways to extend empathy while providing security. Northeast Ohio has a vibrant, successful refugee community and multiple experienced settlement organizations. The TomTod Ideas team has conducted extensive research to provide thoughtful explorations of this perplexing issue. Camp What If: Masters allows campers to personally explore the refugee crisis and generate their own creative responses. With exciting design challenges and hands-on activities – and a whole lot of summer camp fun at university – campers learn about real-world issues and generate solutions to the challenges refugees face today.

TomTod Ideas empowers you to make world-changing ideas.

At camp, we use a variety of approaches to ideation and human-centered design. To solve problems, we work together and create lots of ideas. We test out those ideas in real time, building prototypes and imagining real-world scenarios. Then we refine, re-evaluate, and reimagine until we have an idea that will truly enhance the common good. Plus, at camp it’s a whole lot of fun!

Learn more.

TED-Ed is a great resource to learn more (about almost anything!) Watch this short explanatory clip that discusses what a refugee is, where they come from, and how people respond to them.

Pricing and Scholarships

Camp pricing and scholarships

Camp Price

Camp What If: Masters tuition: $400

Our camp tuition is all-inclusive for the entire camp experience:

  • a carefully cultivated staff with 1:4 ratio allowing individualized guidance
  • expert-level training in social innovation
  • university lodging in comfortable, modern dorms
  • specialized staff guiding campus activities including initiative games, sand volleyball, a university-wide scavenger hunt and more
  • all meals (Monday lunch through Friday lunch)
  • camp materials including t-shirt, activity supplies, custom notebook and more

Our total per-camper value is over $1,000, but thanks to generous underwriting from our partners and donors, we’re able to provide the entire Camp What If experience at this deeply discounted tuition!


Don’t pay full price for camp!

Early Bird: Register on or before April 21 and get 10% off.

Bring a friend who’s never been to Camp What If before, you both get 10% off.

Provide the name of the friend on your registration. The friend must complete registration with a down payment for you both to receive this discount.


If you qualify for the Free or Reduced Lunch Program, we’re even more generous!

Attend Camp What If: Masters for $240 (40% off) if you meet Income Eligibility Guidelines.

Attend Camp What If: Masters for $80 (80% off) if you meet Income Eligibility Guidelines.

We offer a limited number of scholarships at both levels. Scholarships are awarded on a first come, first served basis.

Scholarship applications are due within 1 week of your registration.

To apply for a scholarship, fill out the application here or download from the camp registration portal. Then either attach it during registration, email, or mail it to us.

Check-in Information

Information and Forms

Check-in: Check-in is at 11am, Monday, June 19 in the Heritage Hall lobby. This is the dorm building in the Quad and #14 on the Malone Campus map (see below).

Location: Malone University, 2600 Cleveland Ave NW, Canton, OH 44709

Date: June 19-23, 2017 (5 days, 4 nights)

Closing Program: Parents and families are invited to attend the closing program in the Johnson Center, Room 201 on Friday, June 23 at 2:00pm. See you there!

Departure: Students check out and leave from Heritage Hall after the closing program in the Johnson Center, approx. 3:00pm, Friday, June 23.

Lodging: Campers reside in dorms in Heritage Hall on Malone University’s campus (Check out a virtual tour of Malone’s campus here!)

Meals: Lunch on Monday through lunch on Friday will be served.

Malone University Campus map and directions
Heritage Hall at Malone University
Johnson Center at Malone University

About Camp Staff

TomTod Ideas is a nonprofit in Canton, Ohio that empowers middle school students to launch absurd ideas that enhance the common good. We’ve run various versions of Camp What If since 2013 and have been empowering middle schoolers with safe, fun, thoughtful, and unique summer experiences ever since. With over 19 combined years of experience in facilitating summer camps for youth, our trained, experienced leadership team is ready to bring creative problem-solving, design thinking, and a whole lot of fun to your middle schooler this summer!

Registration Checklist

Use this to ensure you’ve submitted all the necessary forms and your registration is complete.

Registration submitted by May 29, 2017. Register here through the camp registration portal (you’ll receive a confirmation email).

$50 down payment submitted with registration by May 29, 2017.

Medical & Release Form submitted before or with final payment, no later than June 5, 2017.

Scholarship application submitted (If applying, due within 1 week of your registration).

Final payment submitted by June 5, 2017 (we’ll factor in any discounts/scholarships and calculate your final price once you’ve completed registration).

Forms and Downloads

Use these to complete your registration and find more info for camp.

Ready for the best summer ever?

Camp What If is generously funded in part by the Martha Holden Jennings Foundation.

Martha Holden Jennings Foundation